Favourite Worst Nightmare(s)

Due to pregnancy insomnia followed by a newborn baby,  I’ve missed a lot of sleep lately. Now I am regaining some sort of regular sleep pattern- for the moment- I am making up for lost time on the strange dreams- here are a few of my ‘favourite’ worst nightmares- now go analyse me…
1) Being in prison- I am fascinated and terrified by prisons. I am the same with cruise ships and the Titanic. I watch anything from Louis Theroux’s Behind Bars to Orange is the New Black and I love Jane McDonald (but hate deep water). I suppose a cruise ship is similar to a prison- most of the cabins have no window and there is potential to be stuck on board with people you don’t get on with. You all eat together in a big room and the meals are often recycled from leftovers. There is also a dress code.

I think my main fear is being sent to prison for something you didn’t do or ending up in a foreign prison because of a communication issue.  Or someone planting drugs on your suitcase in the airport or just ending up on a cruise really.

Cruise Ship 

Island Prison
2) Lion(s) on the loose where you would’t expect them. One of my favourite films is The Ghost and The Darkness, a fictionalised account of two lions who took to eating workers building a railway in 1898. Today I read that the lions at the centre of the story were man eaters because they had bad teeth and couldn’t kill their regular prey so turned to humans. So there is obviously some method to my nocturnal madness.

I used to imagine that I’d encounter a lion when I walked to work very early in the morning in the half light- I never did, although I did almost get set alight by a leaf incinerator being operated by an over zealous council worker.

My most recent dream involved having two lions as pets and trying to keep them from coming upstairs by using baby gates which proved futile so I had to barricade myself in a panic room. So realistic was my dream that even when I awoke, I was still trying to work out what to do about the lions downstairs. Call the RSPCA? Cat’s Protection?

The Lion King
3) Never-ending hen do. Need I say more, see also nightclub (is there somewhere to sit where I don’t need to shout being my main considerations) Live music is so much better.

Le Discotheque
4) Being told I am in a play and I’ve not bothered to learn the script or that I have to write an essay but haven’t been to any of the classes. I suppose this means I like to be prepared and would prefer not to be shown up. I worry about this in real life whenever I go to the Theatre- worry that the professionals are going to forget their lines. Ridiculous. I imagine that this is why I hate Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor- people laughing at anothers expense. You’ve Been Framed is ok though as they’ve been compensated with £250 (will this amount ever increase?)

There is knowledge in books
5) Getting caught up in Narcos (TV series about Pablo Escobar)- see above for accidental drug mule fear.

Medellin, Colombia
Well there you go. Would love to hear your Favourite Worst Nightmares, if only so I have a few more on rotation…

Favourite Worst Nightmare(s)

#1 Crush(es) – things I love today


In no particular order:

  • Series 3 of Broadchurch, Olivia Colman is just so good and David Tennant’s outburst at the teenage boys was just immense. As for who did it, I think it might be the taxi drivers step son. I also think there is something odd about his wife. Not long to wait to find out…


  • Peter Kay’s Car Share- like carpool karaoke but more northern. Series 2, episode 3 is my favourite- genius. I might watch it again now.


  • Susie Verrill’s blog, mymiloandme.com – such a funny lady who inspires me to do it my way. She’s currently in Arizona so am her Instagram feed is full of sunny photos- can’t wait for summer.


  • Eimear Varian Barry’s instagram stories @eimearvarianbarry. This girl should have her own show- hilarious and real.


  • Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher. She writes in such a down to earth and readable way you feel like you know her. Excellent book.


  • Warehouse clothing- their prints this Spring Summer are really good and there are some excellent retro looking pieces.


  • Sunshine, we’ve had one hot day so far- hope there are more to come.


  • Nutella


  • And finally, something I don’t understand- speed cleaning, what is this new obsession. Surely as a mum all cleaning is speed cleaning and even if you’re not a mum who spends more time cleaning than they need to? By the time you’ve watched all the YouTubers speed cleaning video’s you could have slow-cleaned your whole house.
#1 Crush(es) – things I love today

Deep Purple- Toner for Teeth Pearl Drops Specialist White Review

Accurately described on the packaging as Minty Purple Paste. It is exactly that. It contains 77% natural ingredients and promises instantly whiter teeth. I have only been using it a day and have already noticed a difference. It does stain your tongue and your mouth but it definitely makes your teeth appear whiter. I presume it works in the same sort of way as toning shampoo on blonde hair- the purple counter-acts any yellow tones in your teeth. I don’t know why nobody has thought of this before…

It contains activated charcoal which seems to be the new thing in toothpastes and optical brighteners- not sure what this means? Making your teeth look whiter?

Currently on offer in Boots – £4.33



Deep Purple- Toner for Teeth Pearl Drops Specialist White Review

{Make up} Revolution, Charlotte Tilbury Dupe

I love Charlotte Tilbury’s range of lipsticks. A recent favourite of mine is Kidman’s Kiss from the Hot Lips Matte Revolution range. It’s a rose petal pink that doesn’t look at all Barbie and perks up a tired winter complexion- I think it will also look good in Spring and Summer.

I like to have back ups of favourite shades incase they are discontinued but on Statutory Maternity Pay I can’t be shelling out £24 every time, so I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.  Whilst browsing in Superdrug, I discovered the Make up Revolution Rose Gold lipstick range. The shade Lust looked similar to Kidman’s Kiss so I took a gamble and bought it for the princely sum of £3!

I’ve included some swatches- Top is Make up Revolution Lust, Middle is Charlotte Tilbury Kidman’s Kiss and Bottom is Charlotte Tilbury Sexy Sienna which is also fairly similar. They look virtually identical on the lips.


Each swatch is one swipe- I think a couple of swipes of Kidman’s Kiss would be equal to one swipe of Lust as the Make Up Revolution lipstick is really densely pigmented – more so than Charlotte Tilbury. Lust is very matte and flat and doesn’t have as much dimension as Kidman’s Kiss so I’d definitely prep your lips with a balm first, but for £3 its an excellent dupe and one that you wouldn’t mind so much if you lost on a night out- or in my case if it got stolen by your niece…

Superdrug also offer 10% student discount – bringing the cost down to £2.70. Every penny counts.


{Make up} Revolution, Charlotte Tilbury Dupe

Spring is Here {new beginnings and a work rant}

Spring is here- meteorologically speaking.

Definitions of ‘spring’

-move or jump suddenly or rapidly upwards or forwards

-originate/ arise from

-an elastic device, typically a helical metal coil that can be pressed or pulled but returns to its former shape when released.

-season after winter and before summer

Spring represents a new start for me, the mornings getting lighter, flowers blooming, baby lambs… I find winter grim, the weather, going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, having to wear layers of clothing and having to spend ages trying to wrestle gloves and scarves onto my toddler.

Summer is my favourite season, being able to eat outside, enjoy the fresh air. I have more energy and find people are generally happier when its warm. Spring is a step closer to summer.

It might seem odd but reading the definitions of spring made me think about my job- not as a parent but my job that pays the bills. I fell into my job, it wasn’t something I aspired to but I am good at it and to a certain extent I enjoy it and get satisfaction from it. However, there have been many changes to my job in the last few years and a lot of times that I have felt I have been taken advantage of. In short, it appears that maternity leave can put you at a disadvantage. I am certainly not alone in this, take a look at http://usa.pregnantthenscrewed.com 

The cost of taking your employer to tribunal is expensive and to be honest, who has the strength to do that when you’re about to welcome a baby.  I feel a lot like the helical metal coil mentioned above, I have been pressed and pulled but I’m hoping to return to my former shape when released.

I need to make changes. I have a feeling that will mean looking for a new job, not an easy task when you have childcare to fit in- but being on maternity leave has given me time to think and I have to set a good example to my children. I won’t be walked all over. I will spring back.

Who dares, wins.




Spring is Here {new beginnings and a work rant}

The Face- what’s on it Winter 2017 edition

Disclaimer: Before I start I’d just like to say that I favour Lisa Eldridge, Mary Greenwell and Charlotte Tilbury over the Instagram contoured to death look. I take advice from them and Sali Hughes rather than the sort of companies who promote products by covering up Sharpie moustaches…

Foundation/Tinted Moisturiser:

Nars Sheer Glow in Fiji or Nars Tinted moisturiser in Alaska- applied with a Real Techniques buffing brush or fingers.


Under eyes – Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

On blemishes/redness Vichy Dermablend Foundation. It is massively pigmented and lasts for 12 hours. There is a setting powder to go with it which makes it last even longer (16 hours) It doesn’t look cake like some high coverage concealers.


Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow- Shade Pink Gold

Loreal Sculpt Mascara in black


Rimmel London Kate Moss Sculpting Pallette- I have Coral Glow and use the Bronze shade on the apples of my cheeks


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Liv it Up or Barry M Neptune magic lip stain, it looks blue in the bullet but turns a nice shade of dark pink/purple. I dab it on rather than swipe.

It takes me about 10 minutes to put this on and it lasts pretty much all day without needing to be reapplied.




The Face- what’s on it Winter 2017 edition

It might as well be Spring {new season kids clothing}

Zara has been my favourite shop for years for its quirky basics and abundance of khaki coats every season (I have an obsession with khaki coats) so when I had kids it was the obvious choice.

I like that their clothes are a little different to what you can find elsewhere and a lot can be unisex. Most high street stores seem to have a blue trains section and a pink fairy section! Although I did notice a pair of pink dinosaur trousers in the girls section of Sainsbury’s recently so hopefully its becoming a more popular idea. Now its coming up to Spring its nice to get some lighter and brighter colours into their wardrobes and this season Zara Kids doesn’t disappoint.

My favourite Zara buys are the £6.99 leggings which come in really unique patterns. They can be worn more like joggers to start with and as they grow bigger they become more like leggings so last them longer meaning the price per wear is excellent. They are also easy for toddlers to pull up and down when potty training.

For babies and toddlers don’t be afraid to look in the girls section if you have boys and vice versa- you’ll be surprised what you can find. Girls skinny jeans tend to be narrower than boys too.

Above is just a selection of my favourites available this season. Happy Shopping…

It might as well be Spring {new season kids clothing}